Materiality Patterns

This research is based on the principal that in digital art, images are now reduced to a simple system of grains, points, waves or particles. This discretion triggers the imagination that fills the lack of continuity. By reducing the images in its infinitely small parts we are in front of the way forms are articulated.

This research began last year and my goal was to try to create an image or pattern by manipulating grains or particles. In this research I experiment with several materials (from water to bioluminescence algae), sound, heat and light to create an interactive system.

At the end I create a device that would allow an interaction between the smallest elements and at the same time an interaction with human presence. Combining a loudspeaker, a light source, liquid materials or grains and a transparent vibrating surface, I created a natural projector of patterns. Visitors can interact with sound in real time with a machine learning software  called Wekinator.

The manipulation of almost everything today on a microscopic scale merges the boundaries between real, digital and virtual. Nowadays we cannot distinguish a 3D image from a real one. We cannot say whether something is moving physically or digitally. That was the goal of this project to create something that tricks the eye of the viewer and confuses him about whether what he sees is digital of physical.  We live in a time where our idea of ​​what is reality is completely changed by millions of images that we see every day through different devices. There is a real mixture between reality and imagery, simulation and representation.

Design - Nefeli Georgakopoulou

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