VitRails is a virtual reality installation which uses a thermochromic interface in order to create a multi
sensory experience.
While most VR installations play with vision as the primary input, VitRails plays with touch and other
sensory inputs like temperature to enrich mixed reality experiences. Through this experience the
participant is witnessing a constant passage from the real world to virtual and vice versa.

The participant, who wears a VR casque is immersed in a dark room. He cannot see anything around him. Unless he touches the real walls of his surrounding, he will be trapped in this dark room. Through VitRails users find themselves caught up in a hybrid space, where matter and spirit, though diverse realities, compete. Stuck between two worlds, their perception is questioned, creating a magical experience.

Design - Nefeli Georgakopoulou, Sofia Kourkoulakou, Dionisis Zamplaras

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